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The Silver Thread of Life


A spellbinding true account of Spiritual intervention.

Phillip Chute explores psychic episodes which we encounter more frequently than not; unexplainable events toss into a paranormal category.

The story combines the author’s military encounters, travel, unusual situations, and his clients’ near-death experiences and their return to life after brief death.   Religious, sometimes Biblical, overtones about seeing God, spiritual encounters, premonition dreams leading to lifesaving events, the Holy Spirit of life, and much more.

A revealing and engaging story of religious beliefs, ethereal encounters, karma, and divine intervention.

The recounting of paranormal experiences is not flashy; the stories emphasize that while some situations appear miraculous, most incidents are more common than expected.

Some readers have stated that the book changed their lives.

Editorial Reviews

Self-Publishing Review

"The source of these tales gives the book a wholly unique perspective, as well as fascinating variety. Chute's compendium of examples ends up being both persuasive and inspiring. His insights into each example, and the overall phenomenon, are intriguing and unique in the field. Throughout, Chute demonstrates a clear capacity for empathy that draws others to share their secrets, and the craftsmanship required to organize these stories with such discretion and understanding. As long as one approaches this book with an open mind, there is a wide variety of wisdom and insight to be found in this deeply compelling book." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Reviews

The lives affected by these revelations and interventions are compellingly presented, enhanced by Chute's attention to their interpretation. The result will cross new age and traditional spiritual boundaries alike, revealing the processes by which God and spirit influence everyday life circumstances to effect change, contemplation, and support.

Religious collections will find The Silver Thread of Life a powerful testimony to this process.

Anita Lock, Feathered Quill Reviews

"Chute's recounting of these paranormal experiences is not flashy; he relays each story as is, making sure to emphasize that while these otherworldly situations appear miraculous (and they are), the incidents are more common than expected since they occur among ordinary people. The only difference is in one's approach to life's situations. That said, Chute offers sage advice to his readers: "Leave yourself open to the universe, give yourself to the universe, and it will return your openness in kindness. Let your guardian spirits visit."

Asher Syed, Readers Favorite

"This is a well-written book with a great deal to offer readers who are fascinated by touches of the divine and those who might not be but are looking for non-fiction that goes beyond the standard offerings."

N.N. Light's Book Heaven

"The Silver Thread of Life is an insightful glimpse into the spiritual realm. I'm a firm believer in these forces which help people when they need it most. Written with compassion, each story unfolds, and the reader is immediately drawn in."

Reader Reviews

“It is a compilation of extraordinary circumstances that have occurred to ordinary people. I am a very spiritual person by nature and I have personally been a witness or experienced myself things that are just unexplainable."

Bishop Daniel Dobron, Church of Jesus Christ of LD Saints

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