The Silver Thread of Life


Do you sense there is more to life than you can see with your eyes?

If so, you are like the many people in these true stories who testified with open minds to the spiritual events which changed their lives. The book will open your mind to the endless possibilities of spiritual interventions which saved lives and profoundly altered their futures. These forces affect everybody, all of us, at one time or another.

Phillip Chute has been a tax preparer and Enrolled Agent with the IRS for 40 years. His charismatic personality draws his clients towards relating their personal experiences with him, something that he, himself can relate to-especially those that carry spirituality in them. He believes that we are all connected spiritually through the thread of life which is our soul. This is how the book, The Silver Thread of Life is conceived.

The book contains true accounts and dozens of amazing life-changing spiritual interventions. The writer puts the reader in the moment of the occurrences of spirituality which are true events experienced by real-life people.


Book Reviews

Diane Homis

I like the connection of your encounters with other gifted people and their experiences. Your writing puts the reader in the moment of the occurrences of spirituality. When it comes to spirituality, nothing comes closer than bits of the old Testament and especially the spirituality of the American Indians. Your book makes you know that there are lovely people out there in this world. The Indians had it all, right from the source [universe of the Earth] and that American Indian culture for spirituality has been there since the creation of the earth.

Suzanne Walwick

I’m really enjoying your book! You are a gifted writer with a beautiful, majestic purple aura. I’m in La Jolla this week and intend to make time to write the stories you would like to have. We were meant to cross paths and share our lives with each other.I can tell that you and your wife are wonderful people. Thank you for opening up to me and allowing me to experience the events of your past clients and of yourself.

Cynthia Rutherford

The joy your book brings is exactly what I love most about life. I use books like yours and my spirituality to make me happy. Your are right about all of us being a little psychic. I think it is connected with love somehow. I don't believe in coinsidences and I am sure God put me in your path which I am grateful.

Suzanne Drummond, PhD

Living experiences of others are shared in stories that connect, inspire, and allow us to ponder the meaning of life. Stories in the spiritual realm offer a placeto expand empathy and shift paradigms. Beautifully written and authentically originated, this work is worth reading.

Rosalie Perrotte

I loved reading your book, reading about how the experiences of some of the people and events that has happened; I do see how the Holy Spirit has helped save a life or has given one the Spirit to share their experiences. Reading this book has made me feel that I know that I have encountered some spiritual happenings in my life. It's a must read "The Silver Thread of Life". Thank you Phil for sharing their Stories. God Bless

Haidi Laird, PhD

The author has woven a beautiful tapestry of his own spiritual experiences and those of people whom he has befriended over the years. The author is obviously a person of deep trust in natural and supernatural forces as they shape human experience and provide guidance through a bewildering world.

Mike Meyers

Since reading this book, I have spent a lot of time thinking about my own life's experiences. Hearing of others' experiences and then relating them to my own has proven to be quite rewarding and thought provoking. Thank you for opening my eyes to a greater awareness of the world around me.

Chris Nguyen, MBA

This is an amazing book through which we hear the voices of those who’ve seen beyond the “surfaces” of our reality. Phillip has done a wonderful job bringing the stories of all these remarkable individuals together and presenting them in such a way that we truly get to glimpse the world(s) that exist beyond our perception. His writing brings out the eerie moments and warms your heart with the most incredible moments—creating a beautiful balance that reminds me of what a grand world this is.

Daniel Valentine, PhD

An entertaining read! The book is a compilation of real-life stories shared by the author's clients and himself, highlighting the "thread" that weaves through their extraordinary and mystical experiences. Chute's interpretation of each person's events are thought-provoking and laced with insight that goes beyond ordinary explanations. Readers will likely resonate with at least one if not more of the stories and be in awe at the wonders of this Universe. I highly recommend this interesting and creative narrative to readers of all ages.

Edison Cabacungan, Phd 

A very well written book and enjoyable.

Walter Clarke, PhD

Enjoyed reading the book. The author must have had an interesting life.

Jane Kinney

Phil, this is a great book. A five star success. I loved it but cried when I read about the dog that committed suicide.

Amazon Review

Phil, I am enjoying your book this summer. It gives me a positive perspective on my own existence and how personal happenstances I have experienced may have been more meaningful than I ever imagined!

J Carran, LCSW

The Silver Thread is a delightful collection of stories told to Philip Chute by people who have experienced that which we all know but can not explain. It can be enjoyed as a casual read, or it can be absorbed for contemplation. That is what makes I a book one wants to own.

Sonya Pelletier

The book found its way into my life at the exact time I needed, with exactly what I needed.


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