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Stocks, Bonds & Taxes

Stocks Standard Ebook V5.jpg

An award-winning reference guide for every serious investor, with thorough explanations of the laws, regulations, tax consequences, and risks of each.

Stocks, Bonds & Taxes: Textbook Edition

Stocks Textbook V4.jpg

The textbook version was created to aid educators. Questions are included at the end of each chapter. No answers are provided in the book. Educators can contact the author for an answer key.

The Metric Clock

Metric Clock V2.jpg

This book explores friendship, adventure, danger, courage, conflict, strength and maturity. A great coming-of-age book for all middle grade readers.

The Silver Thread of Life

The Silver Thread of Life e-book v4.jpg

A compilation of extraordinary events, encompassing spirituality, karma, and the supernatural, that are simply unexplainable.

Rock and Roll Murders

Rock 3 ebook.jpg

A suspenseful murder-for-hire plot, based on a true untold story, involving a Southern California radio station owner’s greed, infidelity and lost love.

American Independent Business

AIB E-book cover.jpg

A comprehensive handbook of business strategies, with a practical yet thorough approach towards the organization, operation, and management of a small business.


It includes real-life experiences, examples, and illustrations. It is a great read if you ever consider going into business, expanding, or gaining management expertise to become more successful.

The initial 5,000 copies of this book were sold and it is currently out-of-print. Copies of the e-book can be found on Amazon. There are currently 102 copies of the book in 63 universities in the US and overseas.



An Upcoming True Story of a Con Man

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