Rock and Roll Murders

Did his jealousy turn deadly?

Based on a true untold story. This story is set in the Inland Empire region of Southern California in the 1970s-1990s. Portions of this book were taken from actual court transcripts.

Raymond McDade started out running a small radio station from a van outside his apartment, taking his profits he bought a struggling radio station with a very powerful signal . After a name change and new Rock & Roll format, it became a regional success. Now, wealthy and lonely, it was time for a bride. Young, ambitious Alice fit this role perfectly. At the pinnacle of his success, his life dissolves into a quicksand of greed,  infidelity, lost love, and murder. He becomes obsessed with keeping his wife and successful radio station...but at what cost? 

What ensued was a circus of events consisting of murders, extortion, and chaos that led to a million dollar courtroom trial where he maintains his innocence. Will anyone believe him? Would you? 


Book Reviews

All the elements of a great story are in this piece of literary art. The story solicits all kinds of emotions. Either you become an audience or a participant in this drama where love, obsession, and survival interlace into one complicated phase of life.

N Lariosa, M Ed

Very intriguing...and captivating


Rock and Roll Murders "Phillip Chute's novel was so quick paced, interesting, smooth reading, action-packed and enjoyable to read. I enjoyed it so much that I didn't put it down the entire weekend!

Mort Grabel, Attorney

Human nature is a weird and mysterious thing! This book is a page turner.

Amazon Review


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