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Rock and Roll Murders


This is a fictionalized true story of a radio station owner who would do anything to stay on top, including leaving behind a few corpses. One day, fate intervenes twisting him into a downward spiral and uncontrollable downfall.

A maelstrom of court trials ensued. There was the month-long murder-one criminal trial, extortion case over the FCC license, and a wrongful death suit against the corporation. Nationally famous criminal lawyers spiced up the proceedings for their million in fees. A bankruptcy petition was contested.

Phillip’s attention to details fascinates the reader, as he unveils the life of a budding detective turned politician, and the influences of politics into the judicial system and the flaws within. Some of the actual trial transcripts are included in the book.

A complex story that will delight readers who enjoy murder mysteries and true crime stories as diverse as life itself.

Editorial Reviews

Self-Publishing Review ★★★★

"A lurid and thrilling true crime tale. The writing style is that of a slow-burning thriller, with the ends of most chapters reminding readers that something terrible and violent is brewing, and there is a threatening momentum that builds as the story moves forward. The true-crime thrill of this tangled California drama is undeniable."

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"The story slowly evolves its delightful complexity in a manner that makes it especially recommended for readers who want their murder mystery true crime coverages as multifarious as life itself. Its delightful review of circumstances will leave readers thinking long after the uncertain resolution of the tale."

Barbara Bamberger Scott, Feathered Quill

"Chute's latest offering - smart, scary, full of grit and grift, building suspense page by page - places this author on the high shelf with Hammett, Chandler, Grafton and Parker."

Jendayi Omowale, Independent Book Review

"With a genuine artistic flair, author Phillip B. Chute takes us on a suspenseful murder-for-hire plot while sprinkling in enough side stories to keep us regularly engaged."

N. N. Light Book Heaven

"If you enjoy thrillers based on real cases, you'll love Rock and Roll Murders. If you're a fan of legal thrillers, you'll love Rock and Roll Murders. Fans of Michael Connelly and John Grisham will want to read Rock and Roll Murders."

Readers Favorite ★★★★★

"With well-developed characters and an engaging plot, Rock and Roll Murders: An Entrepreneur Finds That Murder is No Business Solution is a captivating novel that keeps you guessing until the final page."

Book Reviews

All the elements of a great story are in this piece of literary art. The story solicits all kinds of emotions. Either you become an audience or a participant in this drama where love, obsession, and survival interlace into one complicated phase of life.

N Lariosa, M Ed

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