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Stocks, Bonds & Taxes


This book is a comprehensive handbook, and textbook, and investment guide for everybody.  It is useful for serious investors, college students, and anyone who is looking to learn the ins and outs of investments and taxes. It is split into categories that are easily understood and researched.

In this book, you will be immersed in organized and professionally written subjects such as equities, bonds, estate financial planning, pensions, living trusts, wills, breakdown of IRA’s details on rental/leasing of real estate, and more.

Being Enrolled to Practice [EA] before the IRS since 1976, a Registered Investment Advisor, and a retired Registered Security NASD Principal, consider Phillip Bruce Chute’s advice in this book as accurate and effective.

Whether you are a savvy investor, a student, or just want to take better care of your savings, the book Stocks, Bonds & Taxes is a must to own. The last hundred pages focus mainly on Financial Planning and consist of easy-to-understand professional advice.

No matter what your financial situations are, there are a multitude of reasons for you to read this book.

An award-winning book, Stocks, Bonds & Taxes has received many awards and accolades.

Stocks, Bonds & Taxes: Textbook Edition

The textbook version was created to aid educators. Questions are included at the end of each chapter. No answers are provided in the book. Educators can contact the author for an answer key.

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2020 Non-Fiction Winner of N.N. Light's Book Heaven Book Award

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2021 Informative Category Winner in Feathered Quill Book Awards



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Editorial Reviews


"All-inclusive yet jargon-free and easy-to-navigate investment advice."

Self Publishing Review ★★★★½

"An exhaustive manual for financial investment. In each segment, Chute's advice is fact-based, statistically and historically supported, and down to earth. The author's scrupulous sense of organization and his informed yet personable writing style provide a comfort zone that makes the material comprehensible, and the advice practical. Impressively researched and organized, Stocks, Bonds & Taxes will be useful for readers and investors of any level of expertise.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"There are numerous similar-sounding books on the market which cover stocks and bonds, but few of them delve with authority into the tax side of investing, which is Phillip B. Chute's strength both in his professional life and in his book." 

N.N. Light's Book Heaven

Phillip B. Chute has created a very readable book that is organized in an effective fashion. Each chapter lays out a clear definition of what is being discussed. The format for each chapter is similar and that allows the investor to key on the chapter that relates directly to his/her interest. This is not stock tips for dummies. This is an intelligently written book that gives the intelligent investor a chance to know what his broker is talking about...possibly for the first time.

Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader

"STOCKS, BONDS & TAXES offers useful advice on a wide range of investment options, with thorough explanations of the laws, regulations, tax consequences, and risks of each."

Renee B., Reviewer, Netgalley

"This is a great reference guide. I'll keep it on hand for when I'm thinking of trading and investing. It really explains terms so anyone can understand."

Reader Reviews

"This book combines a classic educational feel with a casual, easygoing quality to make the learning experience quite simple. It's a very informative read for any beginner looking into the investment process or wanting to understand more about stocks or bonds. The length is initially a little daunting, but it's rife with essential information that's made easy to understand."

Rowan Shultz

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