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American Independent Business


A comprehensive handbook of business strategies, with a practical yet thorough approach towards the organization, operation, and management of a small business.

It includes real-life experiences, examples, and illustrations.  It is a great read if you ever consider going into business, expanding, or gaining management expertise to become more successful. There are currently 102 copies of this book in 63 universities in the U. S. and overseas.

The initial 5,000 copies of this book were sold, and now out-of-print.  Copies of the e-book can be found on

A second edition is in the works.  Do not miss the opportunity to get your hands on this updated book.

Book Reviews

It goes beyond textbook theory and bland rehashes of the same material that most books on the subject get away with. Each and every page is filled with true-life experiences that will help anyone who’s running a business.

Lewis Rosenfelder Author & Computer Expert

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