American Independent Business

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This is a reprint of a 1980s textbook. Only available on Amazon.

In an enjoyable easy to read style Phillip's leads you through the sometimes confusing maze of business. Real-Life examples, forms, and a comprehensive table of contents make this a great reference book for all your business questions.

In its original run, this book sold 5,000 copies and was used in numerous colleges and universities.

If you ever thought about going into business, expanding, or gaining management expertise to be more successful...this important book is for you!


Book Reviews

It goes beyond textbook theory and bland rehashes of the same material that most books on the subject get away with. Each and every page is filled with true-life experiences that will help anyone who’s running a business.

Lewis Rosenfelder Author & Computer Expert

A Bible for organizational survival and success. Anyone considering starting, owning or managing any phase of a business should be required to read this journal of business strategies.

G. Winfield Scott Management Consultant President, Inner Motivated Individuals, Inc.

It’s a practical yet thorough approach towards the organization, operation, and management of a business makes a unique textbook. Real life experiences and observations about the business world make the text moving and interesting.

Payton Hillman