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The book your stock broker doesn’t want you to own. 


There are many how-to invest books. What a serious investor needs is a book that provides a broad and thorough understanding.  This book gives the core information required to invest intelligently.   


This book isn’t simply stock tips for beginners; this book is also for the investor with a solid portfolio. Many investors rely on others for the how and why, even after years in.  Knowledge is power and this book gives the investor the knowledge to become a powerful investor.


No serious investor should consider buying, selling, or investing before reading this book!



  • How to deal and make money in a declining Stock Market!
  • Find out how professionals and wealthy people trade and invest!
  • Read the pros and cons of every kind of investment strategy!
  • Find out when the IRS makes personal house calls on investors!
  • Investor knowledge is power, this book gives it all to you!
  • How to increase your yield on most investments!


Life planning

  • All about living trusts.
  • Probate and estate rules and laws. 
  • Cybercurrency
  • How to handle IRS audits.
  • Tax court & the hazards of litigation.
  • How to handle bankruptcy, bad debt, and credit scores.


Phillip Bruce Chute, EA has been Enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service since 1976. He was a Registered Investment Advisor and Registered Securities Principal for 20 years.


Paperback Standard Edition 6x9, 463 pages

Stocks, Bonds & Taxes: Standard edition (Paperback)

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